Elhanan Borenstein, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Dept of Genome Sciences
University of Washington

3720 15th Ave NE
Foege Building, S103B
Box 355065
Seattle, WA 98195-5065

Phone: (206) 685-8165
Fax: (206) 685-7301

Adjunct Associate Professor
Computer Science & Eng.
University of Washington

External Professor
Santa Fe Institute

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» 1/29/2014:  We are on the cover of Cell!!
» 1/29/2014:  Congrats to Dr. Sharon Greenblum on her new paper in Cell.
» 11/4/2014:  Congrats to Dr. Ohad Manor and Roie Levy on their new paper in Cell Metabolism.
» 10/2/2014:  Colin McNally has been awarded a Genome Training grant. Congrats!!
» 9/11/2014:  Congrats to Dr. Sharon Greenblum who successfully defended her dissertation!!
» 8/22/2014:  Congrats to Dr. Rogan Carr on the acceptance of his paper to PLoS ONE.
» 8/14/2014:  Cecilia Noecker has been awarded an IGERT Big Data fellowship. Congrats!!
» 7/3/2014:  Congrats to Dr. Hsuan-Chao Chiu on the acceptance of his paper to PLoS Computational Biology.
» 7/1/2014:  Dr. Elhanan Borenstein is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.
» 6/12/2014:  Colin McNally, Cecilia Noecker, and Alex Eng join the lab.
» 4/1/2014:  Dr. Jody Wright joins the lab.
» 10/25/2013:  Our CF paper (with Hoffman and Miller labs) has been accepted to Clinical Infectious Diseases.
» 9/6/2013:  Congratulations to Dr. Rogan Carr on the acceptance of his paper to PLoS Computational Biology.
» 8/21/2013:  FermeFest 2013 was a huge success!!
» 8/15/2013:  Dr. Ohad Manor joins the lab.
» 7/15/2013:  Our microbiome species interaction model is featured in UW Today.
» 6/19/2013:  Congratulations to Roie Levy on the acceptance of his paper to PNAS.
» 5/28/2013:  Congratulations to Max Press on the acceptance of his paper to PLoS Genetics.
» 4/23/2013:  Our Current Opinion in Biotechnology paper is online.
» 9/13/2012:  Dr. Elhanan Borenstein has been awarded the 2012 NIH New Innovator Award. (UW Today, CSE News)
» 8/23/2012:  FermeFest 2012 lab event!
» 7/5/2012:  Max Press and Roie Levy both passed their general exams. Congratulations!
» 4/9/2012:  Our lab will be presenting 3 posters at the ISB conference on Systems Biology and the Microbiome.
» 4/5/2012:  The exome sequencing paper our lab collaborated on featured on The New York Times front page.
» 1/10/2012:  Our metagenomic systems biology PNAS paper is featured in UW Today.
» 12/28/2011:  Congratulations to Dr. Rogan Carr on the acceptance of his paper on NetSeed to Bioinformatics.
» 11/15/2011:  Congratulations to Sharon Greenblum on the acceptance of her paper to PNAS.
» 10/5/2011:  Dr. Elhanan Borenstein is the keynote speaker at the NIH 2011 Multiscale Modeling Meeting.
» 8/29/2011:  Dr. Hsuan-Chao Chiu joins the lab.
» 8/15/2011:  Dr. Rogan Carr joins the lab.
» 7/5/2011:  Sharon Greenblum passed the general exam with flying colors. Congratulations!
» 4/25/2011:  Dr. Elhanan Borenstein has been appointed as an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.
» 4/5/2011:  Roie Levy has been awarded the 2011 NSF Fellowships. Congratulations!
» 2/15/2011:  Dr. Elhanan Borenstein has been selected as a 2011 Sloan Research Fellow.
» 2/7/2011:  Two abstracts from the lab have been selected for an oral presentation at the 2011 International Human Microbiome Congress.
» 10/14/2010:  Our new cubicals are here. Finally.
» 6/21/2010:  Sharon Greenblum and Roie Levy join the lab.
The Borenstein lab is broadly interested in the integration of systems biology approaches, in-silico modeling, and computational metagenomics to address fundamental questions in microbial ecology and in human microbiome research. Our long term goal is to gain a systems-level principled understanding and to develop predictive models of complex microbial ecosystems, specifically those that inhabit the human body. We develop novel computational methods for studying these complex biological systems and for analyzing related high-throughput data. We aim to harness such methods not only for basic research of these complex systems but also for introducing translational applications in microbiome-based therapy with direct impact on human health. Specific research topics include:
  1. Computational modeling and systems biology of the human microbiome.
  2. Species interaction, community structure, and assembly rules of microbial communities.
  3. Computational metagenomics and methods development.
  4. Large scale computational study of biological networks and their evolution.
*** Several postdoctoral positions available (see details)! ***
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