Elhanan Borenstein, Ph.D.

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NetSeed is a software package for identifying the seed sets of networks (as defined in Borenstein et al., 2008) and is available as an online tool and as a Perl module.
NetCooperate is a software package for determining host-microbe and microbe-microbe cooperative potential and is available as an online tool and as a Python module.
MetaDecon is a computational framework, integrating variation in gene abundances across multiple samples with taxa abundance data to infer taxon-specific gene profiles and to reconstruct the genomic content of community members.
MUSiCC is a software package for normalizing and correcting gene abundance measurements derived from metagenomic shotgun sequencing.
FishTaco is a computational framework for linking taxonomic and functional dynamics observed in metagenomic samples and for identifying taxa that drive disease-associated functional shifts in the microbiome.
CoMiDA is an algorithm for designing simple communities with some predefined metabolic capacities.
MIMOSA is a novel algorithm for mechanistically linking microibome ecology and metabolomic data.
EMPANADA is a tool for evidence-based, non-uniform, and sample-specific assignment of gene families to pathways in metagenomic data.
BURRITO is a web-based tool for interactive exploration of metagenomic datasets, linking taxonomic and functional microbiome profiles.